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2001 40' LX on EBAY, Sale ends on 07-05-16 PhrankinPhoenix Today 00:40 0 40 Coaches at Large
1983 FC35SB @ Craig's List on 06-25-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-28-2016 12:26 0 55 Coaches at Large
1984 PT36 @ EBAY, Bids end on 06-26-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-26-2016 23:02 1 103 Coaches at Large
1977 FC31RB @ EBAY, Bids end on 06-24-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-25-2016 14:05 2 113 Coaches at Large
Wanderlodge Acceleration Performance davidbrady 06-25-2016 12:01 2 132 General
The millennials are glamping! davidbrady 06-23-2016 19:40 0 92 General
1997 WLWB43 @ EBAY, Ends on 06-20-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-23-2016 11:46 2 173 Coaches at Large
1990 SP36 @ Craig's List on 06-10-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-22-2016 18:23 1 146 Coaches at Large
2003 M380 @ Craig's List 03-01-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-22-2016 16:59 7 445 Coaches at Large
Quartzsite 2017 (aka Q 11) csprenger 06-22-2016 12:00 0 61 Latest News
SP 36 vs GM 4106 wtwtw 06-21-2016 21:15 1 189 Buying a Wanderlodge
1980 FC35SB @ Craig's List on 06-15-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-20-2016 14:20 0 72 Coaches at Large
Off-Road Toad Suggestions (?) PhrankinPhoenix 06-20-2016 02:06 0 73 Towing
1981 FC35RB @ Craig's List on 06-05-16 & 06-13-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-20-2016 00:49 0 59 Coaches at Large
1986 PT40 @ Craig's List 02-12-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-19-2016 16:05 1 386 Coaches at Large
2000 43LXI for sale at Texas Best RV jerry_94110 06-17-2016 23:45 4 203 Coaches at Large
Window Removal for repair davidbrady 06-16-2016 19:38 1 96 Welcome to Wanderlodge Gurus...
Tire Pressure Calculator ernie ekberg 06-16-2016 08:17 3 120 Pneumatic
1985 FC35RB @ EBAY, Bids End on 06-15-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-15-2016 19:45 1 181 Coaches at Large
Nikola One, Hybrid Class 8 Tractor davidbrady 06-15-2016 11:42 4 129 Over-the-Top RV's, Buses, Tr...
Bus Stopping Power davidbrady 06-14-2016 13:59 0 85 David's Musings
6/3/2016 Parliament Coach News Release K Sarich 06-13-2016 21:22 1 186 Over-the-Top RV's, Buses, Tr...
2000 LXi @ Craig's List 05-10-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-13-2016 13:33 0 89 Coaches at Large
1985 PT36 @ Craig's List on 06-02-16 PhrankinPhoenix 06-11-2016 20:41 0 141 Coaches at Large
Need your EXPERIENCED Input on SOB... PhrankinPhoenix 06-11-2016 01:11 13 421 Coaches at Large

Please Introduce yourself and include your coach model and year with your signature to make it easier for us to help each other.
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Forum Contains New Posts Welcome to Wanderlodge Gurus (WaGu, rhymes with the spaghetti sauce company)
Free Classifieds and Support Forum Community Service for the Sale of Wanderlodges and the Exchange of Technical Information.

Wanderlodge Trader and Wanderlodge Gurus are free in information flow, free in speech, free of business sponsorship, free of subscription charges, free of classified listing fees, brokerage charges and commissions. Wanderlodge Trader and Wanderlodge Gurus are nonprofit community services.

Most of us on this forum are Blue Bird Wanderlodge owners but if you have a Newell or a Prevost or another high-end Class-A motorhome or nothing at all, you're still more than welcome. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the atmosphere. Inhale deeply. That fine aroma is diesel fumes, hot metal, and tire rubber. Smell it? That's what we're here for. Keeping these wondrous machines on the road is our goal. You may even find yourself making friends. It's hard not to when we all share the Wanderlodge passion. david brady
58 264 Window Removal for repair
by davidbrady
06-16-2016 19:38

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Forum Contains New Posts Latest News
5 59 Quartzsite 2017 (aka Q 11...
by csprenger
06-22-2016 12:00
Forum Contains New Posts Ideas and Suggestions
New Look and Feel, Themes, Addons, or Layout? Let's make it better.
31 196 Simple tire covers
by dentmac
03-28-2016 12:10
Forum Contains New Posts Member Funding
1 26 WaGu Fund Raising Drive, ...
by davidbrady
10-16-2015 21:06
Forum Contains New Posts It Goes without Saying...
- -

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Forum Contains New Posts WanderlodgeForum
8,393 46,528 Weather Striping
by markkitch
05-29-2016 09:48

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Forum Contains New Posts Sightings
If you see someone flashing their blue bird, let us know about it. It's good to talk about these things.
15 54 Bird spotting 4/5/16
by markkitch
04-05-2016 20:37
Forum Contains New Posts Parking
Bus accessible parking and points-of-interest are of interest to us all, this includes boondocking, campgrounds, truck stops, and places with access to fine food and culture, or not!
5 26 Traveling between Savanna...
02-08-2016 23:22
Forum Contains New Posts Insurance
Don't feel bad, stuff happens, and when it does it's good to know that you're covered.
3 18 Insurance of a different ...
by Arcticdude
12-23-2013 15:21
Forum Contains New Posts Finance
Everything and anything related to mortgaging the house, giving away the farm, making sure the last check bounces. Whatever it takes to buy a bird - it's worth it.
3 5 The Money changed hands
by ernie ekberg
08-20-2013 19:15
Forum Contains New Posts Towing
Ribbit... Toads, trailers, stackers, dingy's, it all goes here.
14 90 Off-Road Toad Suggestions...
by PhrankinPhoenix
06-20-2016 02:06
Forum Contains New Posts Chassis
Rivets and glue, four-cycles and two, koni shocks, and tag axles too.
79 877 Front hubs
by markkitch
05-27-2016 08:25
Forum Contains New Posts Exterior
Painting your bird, we'd love to see pics. Body panels, bumpers, windows, goat rails, it all goes here.
30 272 Flagpole holder
by ernie ekberg
05-23-2016 08:05
Forum Contains New Posts Interior
Tell us about your indoor hot tub, your 5.1 home entertainment center, your every appliance indulgence. This is camping you know.
45 394 Interior Update
by davidbrady
04-23-2016 11:39
Forum Contains New Posts HVAC
All your hot topics go here, Aqua Hot, Webasto, Cadet's, and your cool topics too, Roof Airs, Cruise Airs, and Wing Windows (for the over 50 set).
20 161 Heat? '86 PT_40
by pauleburgess
01-18-2016 12:56
Forum Contains New Posts Plumbing
I had a clever description, but my wife won't let me publish it...
17 146 Hooking up to commercial ...
by patticake
05-13-2016 21:43
Forum Contains New Posts Electronics
Who can't get enough of Aircards, Verizon, Datastorm, data plans, Wi-Fi? It all goes here. But don't forget audio-visual, gps, cameras, and anything else you can buy at Fry's or Radio Shack.
19 160 Electronic Filter? ('86 P...
by ernie ekberg
01-11-2016 21:27
Forum Contains New Posts Generator
Ho-hum, generators, yawn. If it no longer hums, it goes here.
15 197 First time owner
by morganaire
09-16-2015 01:18
Forum Contains New Posts Electrical
Now we're talking wiring, distribution, 30A, 50A, 100A, Split Phase, Fourier Transforms, Maxwell's Equations, Bode Plot's, Transfer Functions, Dirac Deltas, Impulse Response, please, someone stop me.
51 310 Liberty Coach is breaking...
by davidbrady
05-27-2016 19:34
Forum Contains New Posts Pneumatic
Anything that hisses, spits, gargles, works when it shouldn't and doesn't when it should.
31 218 Tire Pressure Calculator
by ernie ekberg
06-16-2016 08:17
Forum Contains New Posts Rallies
I need help here. I'm Rally challenged.
25 210 Judy Tenuda on a bus
by GregOConnor
11-15-2015 13:02
Forum Contains New Posts Monitoring
Is there such a thing as too much? Here's where you put your gauges, Silverleaf, glass dashes, ProDrivers, and one of my favorites: Arduinos.
10 175 Reading Manifold Temperat...
by RangerStrider
02-09-2016 10:17
Forum Contains New Posts Bird Houses
Blue Bird bus barns, shelters, garages, and pits - Ones you have built, seen, or are contemplating building.
4 44 SpongeBob's New Home
by davidbrady
05-22-2014 12:30
Forum Contains New Posts General
If you made it all the way down here and you still don't know where to place your topic. Put it here.
127 902 Wanderlodge Acceleration ...
by davidbrady
06-25-2016 12:01

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Forum Contains New Posts Travel
23 185 Durango Bound
by cmillsap
06-04-2016 19:36
Forum Contains New Posts Technologies
14 71 Camera.. Throw it...Foll...
by dentmac
02-14-2016 12:55
Forum Contains New Posts Buying a Wanderlodge
Forward Control (FC), Pusher Tag (PT), Single Axle Pusher (SP), Wide Body Pusher (WB), BMC, LX, LXi, M380, M450, or Premier XL? Don't know what to buy? Post your questions here.
6 31 SP 36 vs GM 4106
by wtwtw
06-21-2016 21:15
Forum Contains New Posts Birds Spotted Today
1 1 Birds Spotted Today
by davidbrady
10-04-2015 22:46
Forum Contains New Posts Discount Plans
3 51 FMCA Michelin Advantage P...
by dentmac
02-17-2016 15:09
Forum Contains New Posts Member Contacts
2 21 Blue Bird Information
by csprenger
11-16-2013 12:28
Forum Contains New Posts History
18 115 Pacific Bus Museum - Inte...
by Icefixr66
01-06-2016 19:22
Forum Contains New Posts Tools
6 42 Scroll Saws
by cmillsap
02-08-2015 20:51
Forum Contains New Posts Campgrounds
7 26 Red Gate Farm- near Savan...
11-13-2013 10:54
Forum Contains New Posts David's Musings
17 205 Bus Stopping Power
by davidbrady
06-14-2016 13:59
Forum Contains New Posts Over-the-Top RV's, Buses, Trucks, and Cars
78 356 Nikola One, Hybrid Class ...
by davidbrady
06-15-2016 11:42
Forum Contains New Posts Pete's Ramblings
10 39 5 Shortcuts for Quicker I...
by Arcticdude
11-14-2013 16:13
Forum Contains New Posts The RaGu Room and Ristorante
A place where people come to meet and relax over a good bottle of wine, cuppa jo, or favorite beverage and to share a laugh or two with a funny story or a few good jokes. And, let's not to forget to order the spaghetti! (Add your own recipes here).
69 315 Paper V8 engine
by Itchintogo
01-12-2016 21:00

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Forum Contains New Posts Documentation, Articles, and How To's
30 134 Commercial/Shore Power Co...
by cmillsap
06-08-2016 20:47
Forum Contains No New Posts Document Library
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Link Directory
17 17 American Fleet, Inc
by travelite
11-05-2015 16:52

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Forum Contains New Posts Vendors
Vendors are an important part of the Wanderlodge community and experience. We want them, we need them, we need more of them, and we want them to flourish. Use this forum to talk with vendors and see their products. WaGu offers no approval of any vendor, nor guarantees any products. WaGu has no financial interest in any vendor or product.
13 55 American Fleet Inc. Detro...
by ddspecialist
11-06-2015 11:00

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Forum Contains New Posts Members' Coaches
7 43 97 WLWB 43 for sale
by ernie ekberg
04-17-2016 20:46
Forum Contains New Posts Coaches Wanted
8 54 Wanted S60 Coach with no ...
05-12-2016 20:51
Forum Contains New Posts Coaches at Large
Found on ebay, craigslist, birdconnection, vintagebirds, and other online sources.
138 516 2001 40' LX on EBAY, Sal...
by PhrankinPhoenix
Today 00:40
Forum Contains New Posts Flea Market
6 15 Tail Rollers On Craig's L...
by PhrankinPhoenix
05-26-2016 20:03

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