Forum Announcement: Conflict of Interest Statement
02-16-2013, 20:08
Conflict of Interest Statement
It is the policy of (hereinafter known as WaGu) that all WaGu staff, volunteers, and or owners avoid any conflict between their interests and those of ( Company Name ) (hereinafter known as the Vendor). The purpose of this statement is to ensure that WaGu's honesty, integrity, and reputation, as well as that of the Vendors', is not compromised. The fundamental principle guiding this policy is that no WaGu owner, staff, or volunteer member should have or appear to have a personal interest or relationship that conflicts the best interest of WaGu. By posting within WaGu, the Vendor is acknowledging it's agreement with this statement. The main areas of concern are:

1) WaGu provides the forum along with its inherent features to the Vendor free of charge to interact with WaGu members.

2) WaGu will approve a membership to the Vendor with no special limitations based upon standard approval procedures.

3) Vendors will be subject to the same regulatory procedures as an any ordinary member.

4) There are no fees, commissions, monies, royalties, trailer fees, stipends, gift cards or bonuses promised, implied, exchanged or paid for the privilege of membership.

5) WaGu views Vendor membership as a philanthropic endeavor for the betterment and enrichment of the WaGu members and vendors.

6) Vendors are encouraged to build rapport and community with members and contribute in discussions and problem solving threads.

7) WaGu is not responsible for individual actions of any member.

8) A conflict of interest would also exist when an owner, staff, or volunteer member of WaGu would become an employee of the Vendor. This should be disclosed.

9) It is the responsibility of the Vendor to report any conflict that may exist between itself and WaGu. Failure to report this would allow WaGu to reserve the right to discharge the membership.

Welcome! Have fun and enjoy the forum and the people who attend.
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