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Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, 450LXi - dentmac - 08-25-2015 22:00

I bought some new carpet and had it bound for the bays.
On removing the old carpet, a small spongy area prompted a 2 inch cut through the vinyl.
The pictures tell "The rest of the story"
The slideouts were screwed though the vinyl and wood into the insulation where it wound up nicely and then through the stainless sheet on the bottom with a large washer.
No attempt to hit a stainless tube or seal the holes. (Not done at factory)
Fortunately bay 3 only had rot on the curb side of the Webasto. No holes were ever drilled on the road side of Bay 3.
Also interesting that the front bay only has 2 extra 1.5 by 2 tube braces .

So - next...new foam insulation, 1/2 marine ply / epoxy / caulking and then finally the new carpet.

(There was a water leak years ago that BB had trouble repairing.)

RE: Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, - davidbrady - 08-25-2015 22:27

Nice job Ross and thanks for the pics. I often wondered about that "Poly-Fiber" R11 insulation used in the M450. For one, I don't know what poly-fiber is. Also, the one piece stainless sheet floor welded to the basement floor chassis tubes and caulked around each tubes makes a fairly water tight swimming pool in each basement bay. I always pictured leaks resulting in mini swimming pools held in place by the poly-fiber R11. Was any of your poly-fiber water logged?

RE: Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, - dentmac - 08-25-2015 22:50

Much of the insulation was waterlogged. Water streamed out when the fiber was held sideways. There was a lot of wood rot and the wound up insulation was of little value. Sadly, the SS sheet is not welded to the chassis tubes, but riveted (at least at the sides). It is also not one piece as I was told also. If the vinyl on the top of the ply had not been drilled and the stainless sheet kept intact, the water problem would have been less. Just a thoughtless , lazy installation of the trays and entertainment center.
The caulking was not good enough in areas to create the separate "Swimming pools" so I got the mini version of the Great Lakes. Not impressed.
Fortunate to have Stainless, no rust.
Perhaps you can comment on the extra larger tubes in bay one (1.5 x 2 vs the others being 1.5 x 1.5).

RE: Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, - davidbrady - 08-25-2015 23:39

Thank God for stainless. I wonder how much weight you took out by removing those soaked poly-fiber mats. I'd be tempted to not insulate and just let the dead air space between the marine plywood and the stainless sheet be the floor insulation. With nothing their but a few drain holes water retention should be greatly reduced. The M450 is quite a bit different from the M4RE (4500 Express). Here's a pic of the M4RE: [attachment=1780]

I like the diagonals better but anything there certainly helps in distributing front subframe forces. My Prevost uses bigger tubing all around, 1.5"x3", and diagonal bracing up front, but then I don't have the 9" c-channel backbone of the M450.

RE: Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, - dentmac - 09-11-2015 10:34

Done Tongue
Sealed 24 holes through the bottom ! , Removed and replaced old caulking between Stainless bottom and frames.
New foam insulation, New plywood epoxied both sides and painted. New vapour barrier on front bulkhead.
All floor periphery sealed and then carpet.
Maybe it will float now.

RE: Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, 450LXi - al perna - 09-11-2015 13:48

very nice Ross, this winter now that you are a expert Smile you can stay FREE at my place in Indio while you redo my water bay Smile Nice view of the Golf Course but not to close to Bob lol

RE: Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, 450LXi - davidbrady - 09-11-2015 14:13

It's a thing of beauty Ross; job well done! Thanks for the update and the pics! Smile

RE: Bays,Water, Insulation,Slideout trays, 450LXi - dentmac - 09-13-2015 09:08

You have a great site in that terrific resort. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I'm still recovering from the costs of staying in the resort last year..may have to go back to work. I don't think we will go that far west this year but we just go... follow the weather. Great offer though.... what colour of spray paint ?