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Bluebird Travel Groups - hydra171 - 11-11-2015 11:56

Are there any Bluebird Travel Groups or clubs that my husband and I can join? We are on our third BB....first being 1995 BMC, which was the only one EVER built on a BB chassis. Great Coach! Sold it to a friend and bought a 1998 non-slide LXI. Loved it too, but finally decided to upgrade to a dbl slide 2003 43 LXI. Best coach we have ever owned!

We are baby boomers....enjoy traveling when possible....unfortunately haven't quite fully retired. We have made several trips to the west coast, and love it out there. Our current home base is Columbia SC for the next 3-4 years, then we will relocate back to Florida.

Would really love to join, or meet up with other "Bird-ers" to do some traveling or get togethers to share our adventures. I'm sure there would be no lack of adventure and fun!Rolleyes

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - csprenger - 11-11-2015 12:12

You might be interested in this. Click on the Link Directory above. Scroll down to Birds of a Feather. More than 100 Blue Birds plan to meet in January 2016 near Quartzsite, Arizona. This is the 10th anniversary. The information is on the left of the 1st page. Hope you can join us.

Curt Sprenger

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - hydra171 - 11-11-2015 12:39

Thanks Curt!!

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - Mark b - 11-11-2015 20:49

Check out wanderlodgeownersgroup.com if you haven't already. Lots of rallies listed throughout the year. Have you been to Birds at the Beach? By the way, we live in Irmo.

Mark and Pam Burtis
2001 LX

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - davidbrady - 11-11-2015 21:07

Mark B and Hydra171, welcome to WaGu. Vintage Birds also has a list of Wanderlodge Rallies. Don't forget I host an annual WanderlodgeGurus rally in Asheville, NC. It's always in the fall and usually a week after the WOG rally at Pine Mtn. I'll post a 2016 date shortly. All of these Blue Bird Communities listed in our Link Directory have annual rallies.

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - al perna - 11-11-2015 21:58

If you want to run across the nation on the way to Q, first week of Jan , let me know , we can do a LXI express Smile

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - hydra171 - 11-12-2015 09:43

Darn....wish I could go in January!....unfortunately....work calls our name at that time of year. We usually try to plan our outwest trips in Spring....April....May....or June.

Mark and Pam.....we have to get together!! We live in Blythewood in the Windemere subdivision. Just moved here a year ago from South Florida. Here is our phone: 803-401-5243 email address is:
chris_wainscott@msn.com. Would really love to maybe meet up with you over a sandwich or a meal sometime!

I am retired...but Chris, my hubby is still in the working world. He is a partner in Engineered Metals and Composites in W. Columbia. We have been "Bird-er's" since 2000.....and are on our third coach! Love our Birds!!

Looking forward to chatting with you!


Tell me more about Birds at the beach!! Haven't heard of it, but certainly sounds interesting!

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - Mark b - 11-12-2015 21:02

Thanks for the contact info Joann. We will try and get up with you sometime soon. Just bought ours this year and have had a blast. Been to several rallies including Birds at the Beach and have made our reservations again at Ocean Lakes in April for that.

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - hydra171 - 11-12-2015 22:11

Guess a Welcome to the Bluebird World is in order!! We have been RV'ers for many years....but it is a whole new experience being in a Bluebird. Have had lots of learning experiences....some good....some not so good!....but always fun. What beach do you take your coach to?? Is it in Florida....or SC? Have you ever gone over to Hilton Head with your coach? We have an RV lot there at the Hilton Head Motor Coach Resort. We haven't gone over in a while....but it is a great resort and lots to do in the area.

Looking forward to getting together sometime in the future and maybe planning an RV trip with you two.

RE: Bluebird Travel Groups - Mark b - 11-12-2015 22:23

We actually own a home in Ocean Lakes at Myrtle Beach but still take the Bird there to the rally. Have only been to FL once with the Bird and that was to stay at TGO in Titusville, several Bluebirders stay there and are a wonderful group. Haven't been to Hilton Head yet but several friends have recommended it.