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Emergency Road Service - philipswanson - 03-16-2016 11:21

Do you guys prefer Coach Net to Good Sams? It's time to renew and I am not that crazy about Good Sams. When I needed them, they kept me waiting all day to get someone out. Every time you call back, you get someone else and have to explain all over again. I hate that! Especially when you have lousy cell phone coverage. Is Coach Net better?

Phil Swanson
95 Baby Bird

RE: Emergency Road Service - cmillsap - 03-16-2016 14:11

Coach Net works best for me.

RE: Emergency Road Service - patticake - 03-18-2016 09:22

Coach Net for me also. Bad Sam left me on the side of the road for 6 hours while deciding where to tow me and then dispatching a wrecker, which took 2 hours to reach me.

RE: Emergency Road Service - timetravelers - 03-22-2016 13:27

Coach Net, had a tow on I-81 last fall, they told me 2 hours, truck came in 1-1/2 hours. Very professional, careful, no damage. Have used them 3 times in 9 years, good results each time.