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Off-Road Toad Suggestions (?) - PhrankinPhoenix - 06-20-2016 02:06

I've done a few different searches here and on other RV sites and I'm looking for suggestions for a toad
that would be fun for off-road and trips to see the area sights.
I see lots of ideas but I'm kind of stuck on a couple of
"expensive vehicles" and I thought I'd field suggestions from the group.

I'm interested in these two types of all-terrain vehicles:
Pinzgauer 710K (4WD Austrian Military, Hardtop from the 1970's - 1980's)
Pinzgauer 712K (6WD " )
Bucher Duro (4WD Swiss Military Hardtop, from the 1990's)

I really like the 710K (currently runs around $15K - $30K depending on condition).
You see these and UniMogs pop up on Craig's List all the time out here in the west and there are a few dealers/importers in N.A.
It's small, so think I would trailer it (to save on the wear of the tires). I know the weight isn't a problem.
The Pinz isn't that rare or hard to work on but depending where you have a problem...
it could be "a problem."

Take a look at the links below (and even some others you find) and
give me your objective (pro & con) input.


So? What do YOU think? Any other IDEAS?
Have you seen these used as a tow vehicle before?