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Quartzsite 2017 (aka Q 11) - csprenger - 06-22-2016 12:00

BoF Quartzsite 2017 Rally
“Birds of a Feather” 2017 Quartzsite Blue Bird Rally information is available for viewing. Click on https://birdsofafeather1.shutterfly.com/ the password is flocktogether. The documents are fluid in that they will be revised some as time moves forward. The Q Participant List will be published later in the year, about October.

Nesting area is the same as all prior years.

Information was posted on the 2015 title page. Re-posting with the 2017 year.

2017 Q Participant List - csprenger - 08-19-2016 13:22

The 2017 Q Participant List is available at https://birdsofafeather1.shutterfly.com/ Site password is flocktogether. List is on the left under 2017 Q Information Details, Descriptions, Etc...

If your name is on the list and you do not plan to attend please send me an email.

Also send me an email if you plan to attend and your name is not on the list.

Thank you.
Curt Sprenger
1987 PT38 8V92 "MacAttack Racing"
Anaheim Hills, Calif.
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Q11 Shooting Events - csprenger - 11-26-2016 13:12

Tommy Two Shoes, aka TTS, Host of the Q Shooting Events, provides us with his latest shooting information. See Section 7 in the Calendar and Event Descriptions at https://birdsofafeather1.shutterfly.com/ password is flocktogether.
Thank you, Tommy.