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WISDOM IS TIMELESS.... - PhrankinPhoenix - 11-25-2016 14:18

It is very easy to look at this Wanderlodge FORUM and think...

"No new POSTS, I'll skip this WEB SITE today"
that would be a BIG MISTAKE.

HIDDEN in the SEARCH Archives is the TIMELESS WISDOM of
a great number of smart, caring, knowledgeable and generous Wanderlodge owners who want you to learn BEFORE you make a mistake.

If you DON'T see a current POST that interests you
or you need to know something...
just try your hand at the SEARCH feature (very top line, on the right side).
You are sure to find a POST from the past
that is STILL of general or specific interest.

It will be "TIME WELL SPENT" at the knee of some of the BEST PEOPLE you'll never meet.

Below is a link to one thread I K N O W every Wannabee should read carefully and take notes.
It is from 2007, titled: "Why the (engine) rebuilds?"
Pay close attention to reply #'s: 5, 7, 9,11,13,15,19 & 26.


P.S. Oh, one other thing:
When you SEARCH you'll start to notice that some posters are
....Search for their posts, and "drink it all in." Smile ENJOY!

RE: WISDOM IS TIMELESS.... - patticake - 11-25-2016 21:20

Good thoughts, and well written.