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Salutations - Flyfisher - 12-19-2016 09:47

Salutations to all! My name is Andy and my wife Jean, we have been proud owners of a 1996 WLWB-42 since March of this year. What a great machine and being a total hands-on maintenance kind of guy, it really keeps my spare time to a minimum. Looking forward to conversing with you all. I would update my signature, but I cannot figure out how. I looked at my user CP menu, but found no option to do it. This would be my first request for help..........

RE: Salutations - davidbrady - 12-19-2016 14:50

Hi Andy and Jean. Welcome to the forum. The '96WB is phenomenal machine. Ask away; we have plenty of folks here experienced with that model.

To add a signature click on UserCP and then on the left hand side under Menu you'll see "Messenger", "Your Profile", and then "Miscellaneous". Under "Your Profile" you'll find "Change Signature"! If you need additional help don't hesitate to ask.

RE: Salutations - Flyfisher - 12-19-2016 15:46

Thank you David. I was there, but I looked again after your instructions and all I find under Your Profile is Change Password, Change Email and Change Avatar, that's all. Closed and expanded Your Profile and looked under each Change heading just to be sure, nothing I can find. What am I doing wrong?


RE: Salutations - davidbrady - 12-19-2016 19:08

My mistake Andy. I needed to promote you from registered member to full member. Try again, should work now.

RE: Salutations - Flyfisher - 12-20-2016 05:49

Whew, thought I was having a computer illiteracy moment, which do happen occasionally. Thank you David.