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I'm back..... - Garynmike - 03-01-2017 19:12

Well, after a hiatus of what, 2 years, I'm back and trying to seriously find a Wanderlodge....

I was supposed to buy a gorgeous 1999 LXi 43' but I decided not to for some crazy reason... I REALLY regret that stupid decision!

So, I'm looking for something in the 1999 - 2001 time period...
Preferably a 43' LXi with 0-2 slides?

And something with a hint of manliness like the one in my gallery....

RE: I'm back..... - ernie ekberg - 03-01-2017 19:51

I have A decent 97 --43 foot for sale

RE: I'm back..... - patticake - 03-02-2017 10:29

It is more than a "decent" coach, it's super nice, with a darn good price.

RE: I'm back..... - davidbrady - 03-02-2017 13:36

Welcome back!

RE: I'm back..... - Itchintogo - 03-08-2017 00:41

Ernie's bus is a winner for sure! Quality and updates per dollar is very attractive surely.

RE: I'm back..... - Lrcard - 03-15-2017 15:05

Can't go wrong with an LXI. I have an 2003 Double slide that has been highly upgraded and is extremely nice that is for sale. All of the work has been done professionally by Holland Motor Homes in Holland MI. Coach is located in Pittsburgh.

RE: I'm back..... - ernie ekberg - 03-15-2017 19:32

mine has been sold