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Newbie - beepd02 - 05-10-2017 04:52

Hey people! Just lurking around here as we are looking at a Wanderlodge LXi. Kinda new to this thing and this board seems got good knowledge.

RE: Newbie - patticake - 05-10-2017 09:27

Welcome aboard. Tell us about the LXI, maybe someone knows this coach, or can go with you to inspect it.

RE: Newbie - al perna - 05-10-2017 17:13

welcome , be sure to tell us about the coach , so we can offer our thoughts , lol What can I say , it's raining and need to do something Smile
I think your looking at a great coach for sure , then again I'm partial Smile Let me ask , does it have a slide ? If not save 30k and take a look at the 1996 WB on craigslist in new Jersey , a great coach , and the best non slide coach BB made in my opinion .

RE: Newbie - beepd02 - 05-11-2017 02:41

Thank you! I might able to take a look at it along with a friend mechanic next week. Will check that 1996 WB out, thanks.

RE: Newbie - al perna - 05-11-2017 11:28

I never met Rod , but it was clear he loved his coach , and cared for her . In fact I fear he may have a health issue as the man I purchased my coach from 4 years back .
If you share with us a ball park you wish to spend , keeping in mind a 10k reserve . Many of us here have learned the hard way , and have no problem with sharing what we have learned to help make your experience a better one Smile

RE: Newbie - al perna - 05-11-2017 15:48

here is the coach


RE: Newbie - Arcticdude - 05-11-2017 18:45

That layout is quite functional. In the bathroom, opposite the front sink (there's a sink on each side of the toilet) and toilet, there's a 2 door hanging closet with full length mirrors on the doors, with 2 drawers on the floor inside the left door, while the right side is full length closet. Behind (towards the rear of the coach) is a vertical storage area with a pull out hamper at the bottom, then 2 drawers in the middle and a cabinet with 2 shelves at the top. The shower is behind that. The mirrors in the bedroom hide shelving on the left, 2 closets with pull out closet bars in the middle, and one of the circuit breaker boxes on the right. The center closet floor is at least as low as the drawer bottoms you see in the bottom of the bedroom picture. Those drawers hide a radio and antenna control in the left panel, and 3 conventional drawers to the right. There's a bunch of storage in that rig. It's easy to put something away and forget where you put it!

RE: Newbie - beepd02 - 05-11-2017 21:27

(05-11-2017 15:48)al perna Wrote:  here is the coach


Beautiful coach!

RE: Newbie - al perna - 05-12-2017 12:21

the only possible issue for you might be the open bathroom , some do not like this . As to a slide , or no slide , to me it is simple . If you are going to great places , why would you need a slide ? But , if you are like me and need to be in area where you spend a lot of hours in the coach , then a slide , and it's extra 50k dollars or so , may be what you need .

RE: Newbie - beepd02 - 05-15-2017 03:00

Pretty sure, the wifey want the slide.