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PICTURE PERFECT! - cmillsap - 05-18-2017 17:32

Looking for a great place to camp and do a little fishing, waterskiing or boating? Davis Camp on the Arizona side of the Colorado River at Laughlin might be a great place to consider during the months of October through May. Temperatures begin to rise in June with 120*F not unusual in July, Aug and Sept. Great weather today @ 82*. Laughlin, NV is just across the river with several large hotels and casinos with great restaurants and buffets to enjoy. The Riverside Hotel & Casino has a 740 space RV Park which is filled with “Snowbirds” during the winter months.

The pics are taken from the Nevada side of Davis Dam pointing down river to Davis Camp which was the original location that housed the workers as they built the Dam. The Camp is now operated by the Park Service as a RV Park and Campground. Attached is their Website.


RE: PICTURE PERFECT! - cruisergeek - 05-30-2017 13:48

Nice photos! Glad you are out enjoying the scenery, hope all is well with you two! We are headed to Colorado and the Custer State park tomorrow, Hope the trip goes well.......[attachment=2067]

RE: PICTURE PERFECT! - cmillsap - 06-01-2017 19:08

Hi Marty,

Glad to hear that you are using the bus. No doubt about it, that bus will take you there and back safely. So don't fret, just enjoy! I still say that is the best looking bus that Bluebird ever made and it's in great mechanical condition. I can see you are taking good care of it.

RE: PICTURE PERFECT! - beepd02 - 10-26-2017 23:55

Those are great photos Chuck! Nice