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2007 M380 SOLD - JD33 - 07-28-2017 18:05

I have sold my M380 to a gentleman in Maryland and he takes possession in a few weeks.
Sorry to say but after 4 Wanderlodge coaches I am looking at other brands as this will probably be my last WL. It has been a great coach but it's time for a change for us. I want to thank everyone for all the encouragement, advice and friendship that I have experienced over the years from this group.
See you down the road!

RE: 2007 M380 SOLD - dentmac - 07-29-2017 09:41

Have fun looking. There are a lot of nice coaches out there. Take your time.
Regards,Good Luck,

RE: 2007 M380 SOLD - davidbrady - 07-29-2017 21:38

Congrats on selling the bus Jim and good luck in your search. If I can help let me know. Smile

RE: 2007 M380 SOLD - JD33 - 07-31-2017 21:06

Thanks David, as you probably remember I am very involved with Shriners Hospitals for Children, and my position has me travelling over 150 days per year, mostly by air. (Incidentally I have responsibility for the hospital nearest to you in Greenville SC) Anyway I say this because it does not give me much time for any coach trips of any great distance. While we still like to get out we find that we only get out for 4 or 5 days and stay within a 400 mile radius of home.
Since I can only serve in my position for another 6 years and will be done at age 65, we will buy something that suits our uses for now but 4 or 5 years down the road I will buy an XLII in all likelihood and do some travelling then.
Thanks again and I will try to stay in touch.