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Clippard Valve Question - al perna - 08-02-2017 11:26

Here is another ?

Is the Clippard Valve only to send a signal to the PPV to Dump ?

I ask cause no mater where I place the wires , the Tag portion of the Valve (lower) exhaust air continually . I removed the line to see if this was cause of Tag failing to inflate, but no mater what I do with the wires and air line the Tag still only fills 1 bag .

RE: Clippard Valve Question - davidbrady - 08-02-2017 12:42

Hi Al,

I had a problem with my LXi where the tag wouldn't dump. I'd hit the switch to dump the suspension and the drive and steer would dump but not the tag. You can imagine the pressure on the tag axle air bags as it supported the entire weight of the rear-end. I replaced the clippard valve and all was well. I think the clippard valves only function is to pass an air control signal to the tag relay valve to dump the tag. As Bennie Collier always said, "You need air to make air". He was saying you need to have air in the accessory tank before you throw the switch to raise the suspension. So, from the Clippard valve's perspective a positive pressure turns off the tag dump and a zero pressure enables the tag dump. Try throwing all dump switches to the dump position, start the S60, build full pressure in the accessory tank, then raise the coach.

RE: Clippard Valve Question - al perna - 08-02-2017 13:40

ok , I will give that a try for sure David .

I needed to move her to the repair facility , and I removed the wires to the lower clippard, when I did the air shot up to 90lb . Now I will tell you the man was under there trying lines together so who knows what is going on at this point , but when I get over the pit I will be taking some pics to help figure , and find out what is going on under there . Thanks for the response , all are needed and welcomed Smile