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LXI slide not extending - Pjanecke - 10-10-2017 22:55

Retract works fine.
When extend is pressed, the operational ground at the switch panel is lost, EG Amber ready light immediately goes out and the pump doesn’t come on. On the relay board both the yellow and red unlock leds are on when the extend is pressed. Lock and room in LEDs all show green.

As part of testing, I’ve jumped power to the unlock and extend hydraulic valves and they both work.

A week ago I called HWH tech support and am still awaiting a call from a tech.

Any ideas on what to check next appreciated!

Peter Janecke
2001 LXI (new to me)

RE: LXI slide not extending - cmillsap - 10-11-2017 01:51


The HWH slide controls are a complicated mess and extending and retracting the slide on a LXi is a PIA. The slide controls are integrated with the HWH leveling jacks. The operational procedure posted on the slide control door must be followed exactly to the letter. Further, you should use the HWH leveling controls on the driver's left side arm to re-level the coach just before each time you go to retract or extend the slide(s). Also, the engine should be running and on hi-idle when you do this.

So, try this > Start engine, set on hi-idle, level coach (jacks) at HWH pad (LED should show that jacks have leveled the coach) and then go to slide control panel and exactly follow the procedure. If that doesn't work, let us know and we can try to trace the problem further.

BTW, these slides are notorious for not locking up on retract. This is especially true if the coach wasn't leveled properly before retracting. Many times I could not get the pins to lock in and just gave up and drove the coach that way. The slide's hydraulic system will hold the slide closed as the slide cylinders rod end exhaust port is blocked

RE: LXI slide not extending - Pjanecke - 10-11-2017 08:51

I had already been following David’s careful instructions on operations.

RE: LXI slide not extending - Urnie-Medie - 10-12-2017 15:02


When I had that problem I found out (with help) that the problem was one of the doors were open below the slide. This is a safety that shut off all the hydraulics.

Hope that helps

RE: LXI slide not extending - Pjanecke - 10-19-2017 14:17

Problem now solved. My mercury leveling switch was flakey so I was manually leveling the bus. The HWH tech told me that in order to extend the room, the pressure switches on ALL 4 jacks had to report back. SO even though I had red lights for jacks down and no yellows for being leveled, all four jacks weren't pressed onto the ground adequately (the garage is level).

I just installed the new solid state leveling switch from HWH which comes with an adapter cable and now automatic leveling works properly and so does extending the room.

Thanks for the suggestions - I'm documenting this to hopefully help the next guy with the same issue.

RE: LXI slide not extending - beepd02 - 10-25-2017 23:00

Good to hear about the fix. This should be a good future reference.