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2001LXi ride quality - Urnie-Medie - 10-30-2017 19:27

I am hoping someone can give me a suggestion. My coach seems to ride very rough - my wife complains that our 1983 FC35 road better. On one trip the headlight cover fell off and the front mounted TV fell while traveling. Thankfully my wife had just moved to the couch about 30 minutes before. Yesterday the top section (glass) of my passenger side mirror fell off.
The coach has about 125,000 miles.
Could the problem be the shocks? - it does seem to bounce
If it is shocks - what are the best type to install.
the tires are almost new -.
Open to any suggestions

RE: 2001LXi ride quality - davidbrady - 10-30-2017 20:58

Hi Urnie-Medie,

Check out this thread: http://www.wanderlodgegurus.com/showthread.php?tid=66

I experienced the same issue with my LXi. The removal of the steer axle sway bar offered the most significant improvement.

RE: 2001LXi ride quality - Urnie-Medie - 10-30-2017 22:03

Thanks David
I am going to George Morris later this month to have him check out - I have a local truck maintenance place near me and if there was an easy fix I would have them do it before I drove to Georgia. You know "Happy wife - Happy life" I will just get her to wait a little longer.

I looked at the thread - it was interesting. On my coach's left arm rest is an added switch that says "Air Bag" I have tried this in both positions and does not seem to make a difference.

RE: 2001LXi ride quality - halkading - 10-31-2017 00:17

It's easy to disconnect the sway bar without removing it if you want to try the difference.

RE: 2001LXi ride quality - SAFCO - 11-06-2017 22:55

I can tell you i think my 2000 LXI drives like a dream! Chuck MIllsap's past coach. I just looked through the black box yesterday and it was full of info!
1. Front sway bar removed. Common knowledge this helps the most
2. New Koni's all around about 20k miles ago in 2013 I believe.
3. I'm guessing the caster maxed out.
4. New Michelin tires in 2015 and maybe 10-13k miles on them.
5. Everything meticulously maintained as far as i can tell

when i hit a big bump on the highway the bus just rolls right over it. I can feel the airbags take the impact but never have I been jarred or rattled. only driven her a couple thousand miles but I'm SOOOO impressed!

RE: 2001LXi ride quality - cmillsap - 11-07-2017 01:04

Hi Safco,

You found a good coach. It was like new when I sold it to Marty. Lots of time and money spent on that bus to put it in top notch condition.


RE: 2001LXi ride quality - Urnie-Medie - 11-07-2017 18:58

Good information - I am taking the coach to George Morris next week. I am sure he will get it riding better.

RE: 2001LXi ride quality - al perna - 11-12-2017 11:53

hello GuRus Smile

I just reread this thread from 2013 and boy was I a hard head, lol . Let me save you some reading and just say " Remove that Bar" hahaha .

I do still have the old bar and when I'm at my shop I find it a good curl bar , but in my old age she is a bit heavy for me Smile

In the 4 plus years since the removal we have driven the LXI aprox 105k miles . She will lean a bit on turns, but that's a small price to pay for the upgrade to the ride .

Good Luck and maybe I will see you at Georges if your still there on Tues Smile

RE: 2001LXi ride quality - Urnie-Medie - 11-12-2017 14:08


I am leaving for Georgia to have George Morris work on it - I will let you know the results. My wife is getting to the point where she does not want to ride in it.


RE: 2001LXi ride quality - davidbrady - 11-12-2017 21:39


It's fun to go back and read some of these old posts. I was pretty intense back then! LOL! Great to hear from you.

Urnie-Medie, Good luck. Let us know how it works out.