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Sewer Connections - Urnie-Medie - 12-04-2017 12:47

Needless to say emptying the tanks is probably the worst part of having a motorhome.
Has any one come up with a simpler / cleaner system?
What about these pumps that use a water hose?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


RE: Sewer Connections - dentmac - 12-10-2017 10:23

I added a Sani Con system over 3 years ago. Nice to get rid of the 3 inch hose and leave everything attached. They don't make the unit anymore but the new one looks better. The intake is 3 inch and with the 1.5 inch hose , it will be fast. It seems that Thetford is changing their marketing so I'm having trouble actually seeing one. They want you to deal with their "Gold"dealers
I may switch to it and keep the old one as backup.

RE: Sewer Connections - dentmac - 12-15-2017 10:37

I ordered one.. Independence RV...$399 We'll see.

RE: Sewer Connections - Urnie-Medie - 12-15-2017 18:53

Please let me know how you like it. Maybe send a picture. I would also like to know that if you are at a hook up in an RV park for a few days does it just drain or do you need to turn on the pump.
I think it would be well worth the money if it makes the job easier.


RE: Sewer Connections - dentmac - 12-15-2017 21:34

The previous Saniconhad a "Bypass" so leaving the grey open allowed continuous drainage. (Not for black) On this one, I don't know. It should be quick.