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Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - Arcticdude - 01-04-2018 22:35

Has anybody found a source for replacement bezels for the halogen ceiling lights? (The brass coated plastic trim ring on all the ceiling lights.)

RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - davidbrady - 01-06-2018 01:18

Hi John,

Walter over at Motorcoach FX makes some really high quality LED replacements.

RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - Arcticdude - 01-06-2018 23:43

Those look good, but I've already got leds in all of mine. One of the bezels is cracked and I'd like to find a replacement if I can.

RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - mbulriss - 01-07-2018 14:57

Do they look like this?


RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - Arcticdude - 01-07-2018 20:46

No, they look like this one:


And all I'm looking for is the slotted bezel, if I can find just it. Otherwise, I'll have to look into buying the whole fixture.

RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - cmillsap - 01-07-2018 23:15


I had the same fixtures in my LXi. I searched and searched trying to find the gold bezels or complete fixture with no success. Just finding a fixture with the matching bezels with the slots was difficult. I finally found these 120V silver (maybe white) fixtures, removed and sprayed the bezels gold to match the others in my coach.


RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - Arcticdude - 01-08-2018 14:12


Thanks for the confirmation of not being able to find them. That's where I was getting to in my search. How close did the gold paint get to the originals?

RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - cmillsap - 01-09-2018 00:48


I was mistaken and confused. I did buy a set of gold fixtures for my first LXI. I tried to buy the same gold color for my second LXi and had to settle for silver ones which I did paint the bezels. It appears they quit making the gold fixtures sometime during the interim.

I found the box containing the left over three gold fixtures less the bezels. The box contained the instruction sheet with the manufacturer's information. You might try calling them to see if they may have a set of gold fixtures or bezels lying around.

Quantum Lighting
172 N. Brandon Drive
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
PH: 800-887-6326

The phone # may connect to their service department who should be able to help you or at least give you some direction where to find those gold bezels or complete fixtures

RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - Arcticdude - 01-09-2018 00:55


That's outstanding! Thank you for remembering and looking further. I'll try them tomorrow. I hope your New Year is going well for you guys.

RE: Halogen Ceiling Fixtures - cmillsap - 01-09-2018 01:14

John, I took another look online. Guess what I found? They should have the gold color also