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Goodyear G159 tires - Arcticdude - 04-05-2018 21:13

It will be interesting to see where this all plays out:


I've not run Goodyears on anything other than a couple of farm tractors in many, many years, so I don't have any stake in this. Hopefully all tire manufacturers will take note and step up their game to make better tires for all of us.

RE: Goodyear G159 tires - rrueckwald - 04-06-2018 11:30

I doubt that any tire company, or any company is entirely lily-white, so it is useful to hear of issues like this.

Ten years ago when I bought my first Blue Bird from Parliament, I needed tires and specified Goodyear because I wanted to keep the business in the USA. Parliament advised this newbee that they had experienced problems with Goodyears and recommended Michelins. It must have been good advice as I have been through two sets of Michelins with no issues. That is not to say there will not be issues, but when it comes to tires, my opinion is that this is the very place NOT to penny-pinch.

RE: Goodyear G159 tires - Arcticdude - 04-06-2018 20:36


I would expect you meant "NOT to penny-pinch" and I would agree with you 100%. Control of our rigs is paramount, foremost.

RE: Goodyear G159 tires - patticake - 04-06-2018 21:27

This is another article from USA Today

RE: Goodyear G159 tires - rrueckwald - 04-07-2018 12:15

Thanks. Changed it.