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Led Clearance Marker Modifications - RainbowrvGreg - 06-05-2018 23:38

we pull a 16 foot box van, or a race trailer, or a boat, or a range rover, or a h2, or a trailer full of sand toys, or a horse trailer, or a bobcat equipment trailer and need to make sure every trailer has working tail lights. OR NOT *****Note sound is too high on this video and no editorial was given (Lower the sound or turn off sound on your device )

  1. Used new led marker sets that required shaving to make them fit and shine at right angles
  2. hooked low intensity wire to old marker +12
  3. ran stop and both turns up the cap and hooked to high intensity wire with diodes at each connection
  4. installed a flasher unit in cockpit found spare marked pair to rear cap used two to set up emergency flasher config
  5. installed a motorcycle brake light pre flash on the overhead stop ligt path to all high intensity markers
  6. installed front marker sets to mimic rear markers all but the blinkers.


RE: Led Clearance Marker Modifications - davidbrady - 06-07-2018 15:22

That's great Greg. For pulling off the side of the road and not being hit by smartphone charmed drivers, this setup is essential. Thanks for the links.

RE: Led Clearance Marker Modifications - RainbowrvGreg - 06-07-2018 16:05

one issue found with the led change out was that the low amp draw caused the flasher module to return a quick flash to the cock pit. this is called hyperflash two methods to correct this and the safest is to get a flasher module that is set up to run LED and incandescent bulbs. in newer cars with the flasher module built into the cars main computer, you need to add a amp draw device . here is a good article. My lxi fix was a new plug in old style flash module found at autozone and had the same product number -led