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KOA - 1000 Islands - mbulriss - 06-07-2018 10:43

KOA 1000 Islands, Association Island. Yes, it’s a KOA, but a unique one in that it is its own island on the outer edge of the Thousand Island chain of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. They built their own causeway to an island in Lake Ontario. It is about 20 miles off I-81, west of Watertown in western upstate NY. It is of course somewhat secluded and very quiet. The gated entry prevents any errant tourist lookie-loos. Unlike most KOA parks, we did not see any time restrictions on the pool usage. Lots of May flies of course but they tend to land on vehicles rather than people. Lots of birds. We had a lake turtle emerge about 15’ in front of the bus to lay her eggs on the bank of the marina area. Good power and full hookups. Prices much better than you might expect when you hear KOA. We would definitely stay there again if we were in the area.

Check specifics at the KOA website.

If you have Google Earth app (and you really should if you don’t) search for Association Island KOA should find it.