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Interesting issue with PowerTech - Arcticdude - 12-11-2018 12:32

I saw this on another forum and felt people should be aware of it.

Quoted from the other forum:

" PS: I ordered this control panel from PowerTech in Leesburg FL on 11/14 at about 3 pm ECT to be shipped to the west coast. Later that night and through out the next 10 days, That same Credit card was charged over 90 times for about $8,800 and change in a radius around Leesburg FL. I called 2x's to the PowerTech to have a conversation with an executive and was placed into voice mail. I left a message that said "maybe something has happened with my card at your business and that it was abused in your area, please call me". No return call, to date, 15 days after I notified them."

It seems as though PowerTech may be having some problems. Hopefully for this fellow and for anybody else, it gets resolved properly.