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RE: Keeping My 2001 LXi Warm in Winter - Urnie-Medie - 02-10-2020 16:32

Thanks John
On my last trip I did use a free standing heater - my wife said it was better. I will probably use two on the next trip.
Has anyone tried a better fan on the AH heaters? I know if you move to much air you will not get warm air.
I will check into the cadet heaters - not sure if they have any that are stronger - I know there is a limit.
The blast of air is across my whole body - head to toe.



RE: Keeping My 2001 LXi Warm in Winter - Arcticdude - 02-10-2020 17:44

I don't remember anybody trying a different fan on the AH heaters. I'd see no reason you couldn't change to a higher volume version. I have not looked closely enough to see if there's any marking on the existing ones to see if you could figure out what the cfm ratings are for those. If you have one in the center closet in the bathroom, the floor should have an easily removable panel that lets you look right at the unit there. It would be easy to see.
I will have to defer on the cold air blast when turning right. I can't think of any good reason for that to occur. Hopefully another one of the folks can offer more insight.

RE: Keeping My 2001 LXi Warm in Winter - mbulriss - 02-11-2020 00:01

No idea on the draft when turning.

The AH radiator fans are basically just 12v computer cooling fans. Their air flow is not overly impressive but mine will keep the coach at temperature. Any good real electronics parts shop will have rows of these fans in many sizes and cfm ratings. I agree not to overpower the little radiators or you’ll end up with cooler air than you’re wanting. I agree with John to make sure the radiators are clean. I go in about once a year and wipe down the fins on the fans with those Clorox cleaning wipes. One of my electronic rework techs liked to add a drop of silicone based oil on the computer fan spindles to let them spin easier, which may require lifting the label that usually covers it up where it comes through the plastic frame.

I was at my storage bay this afternoon and turned on my Perfectoe electric heater. There was no noise other than wind sound. The heat output on mine is impressive. Again, I try to throughly clean them once a year. Blow them out good with a shop vac or compressed air. I use a tooth brush and those Clorox wipes also if I see any dust build up. You shouldn’t find them to be making noise. Cadet still sells them as refurbs for $132.99 if you are intent on replacing them. See their web site at https://cadetelectricheat.com/reconditioned-heaters/perfectoe-reconditioned for more info. One caution - they may be a real challenge to remove. On my other Birds they were easy to pull out for thorough cleaning. On my 2001, it appears some inexperienced person was involved in the install as I have long wood screws coming in from the sides with no way to access the screw heads to get them out. They obviously seem to have been installed before the surrounding cabinetry was installed and I am understandably not happy at all with that. The best I have been able to do so far is to just remove the front louvered faceplates and clean them as I described.

Your add on heater(s) may be your easiest choice for now, if not permanently.

RE: Keeping My 2001 LXi Warm in Winter - mbulriss - 02-13-2020 20:47

To help anyone in the future reading this thread, Urnie broke the code on turning on the electric heater under the refrigerator in the LXi. You have to turn on the front Air Conditioner switch by the driver. Then on the Dometic or Duotherm Comfort Control panel, you have to navigate to zone 2 and turn furnace on and set the desired temperature. Many thanks to Urnie for playing with the switch combinations until he got the heater on! Since I use heat so little, I made a note and taped it inside the door of the small cabinet above the fridge.