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National Tire Concierge Service - mbulriss - 02-12-2020 02:42

Has anyone used this program?

They have a one time membership fee of $90 for RV users. It seems similar to the FMCA Advantage program. However, their current quoted prices on 315s are about $32 less per tire than on the FMCA site. They list benefits that FMCA doesn’t have on their tire program.

From their website:
INCLUDES 3 Year RV Wheel & Tire Coverage—after 3 years you will only pay $20.00 for each new tire you purchase and again it will be covered for 3 years
Coverage includes any Road Hazard occurrence ie. Nail blowouts, cut sidewall, as long as there is 4/32 of tread left on tire
Savings of 20-40% +
Access to Michelin & BF Goodrich Tires
Other Brand Tires available upon request
15% Discount Card for service, parts & labor at participating dealers
Access to Michelin’s On-Call Roadside Assistance
Access to Michelin National Fleet Dealers across the U.S.A.
Personal/Towable Vehicle tires includes 2 yr Full Road Hazard Warranty

Anyone with any knowledge of this company’s program?


RE: National Tire Concierge Service - Arcticdude - 02-12-2020 12:16

I'm not impressed with the spelling mistakes on the website AND the company's address is an RV lot in The Great Outdoors RV Park. Seems kind of sketchy to me.

RE: National Tire Concierge Service - Arcticdude - 03-01-2020 12:04

As a follow-up to this topic, I've since found somebody who is using the service and reports very good luck with it. So it may be worth looking into.