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Babybird For Sale - philipswanson - 05-03-2020 17:08

I am selling the real, original Babybird! Not an imitation. This one and only 1995 Bluebird was custom built by Bluebird and Wanderlodge as a joint project for the CEO of the Bluebird Bus Company and is a 29 foot diesel pusher! It was totally engineered and built at a cost of over $1 mil. This is the only one of its kind and in pristine condition. It has a new Cummins factory engine with less than 5k miles on it. The price is a $75K firm. Pictures available upon request via E mail. No phone calls please. It is located in the San Diego area and always garaged. Please contact: woodyman1@sbcglobal.net SORRY IT'S SOLD...………..