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2002 LXi Entry Door Deadbolt
07-07-2015, 15:52
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2002 LXi Entry Door Deadbolt

I have removed the inner panel of the entry door to eliminate the lock rods to the inner and outer paddle handles. The automotive style door latch is fully functional and the door seals tight without slamming.

As a result the deadbolt will be my only locking device. At present this deadbolt works fine manually with the key (outside) and the turning knob (inside). With the door sealing tight there is no drag of the deadbolt within the door frame. The deadbolt solenoid successfully will actuate the deadbolt to lock most of the time. It will partially retract the deadbolt half the time, the other half the time it is clear that the solenoid has been energized.

By feel it is clear that there is less force required to lock the deadbolt. At this point I have not done a voltage check and am attributing my problem to excessive friction within the deadbolt. At second possibility is the connection between the solenoid and the deadbolt eg. within sleeve holding the push rod and the push rod itself.

Questions are a) am I on the right tract b) is dis-assembly required to fully lubricate and c) type of lubricant to use.

All replies appreciated.


Dean M. Bertrand
Cape Coral, FL
2002 LXi 43 SS
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07-07-2015, 17:34
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RE: 2002 LXi Entry Door Deadbolt
Hi Dean,

I think the big problem is that the door is aluminum and it expands with heat. Also, if there's any chassis twist the door frame also distorts. Both of these issues creates a dragging deadbolt at times, while at other times the deadbolt seems to move friction free. My solution, which worked very well for me, was to let the deadbolt float. IOW's, I bolted on the side plate at the side of the door but I didn't cinch the screws down fully. I used green LocTite on the screws to hold them in place. My dead bolt worked very well this way, whether activated by the solenoid (thru the dash switch or the exterior push buttons), or by hand.

david brady,
'02 Wanderlodge LXi 'Smokey' (Sold),
'04 Prevost H3 Vantare 'SpongeBob'

"I don't like being wrong, but I really hate being right"
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07-07-2015, 22:31
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RE: 2002 LXi Entry Door Deadbolt
Dean , One day you may want to install the metal replacement for the car door lock . I did and with my bad back it was a must do . I do leave 1 window somewhat agar in case needed Smile

al perna
2000 LXI
ormond beach fla
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