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Ultimate road trip
08-27-2018, 16:08
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RE: Ultimate road trip

There's a ton of stuff to see and do in AK. We took a month when we went up to the Arctic Circle and back. We did not get down into Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula, nor over to Valdez. We drove by Denali, but did not stop. While we did lose 2 days in Whitehorse due to equipment issues and we took the intercoastal ferry from Haines to Bellingham (4.5 days, that probably could have been faster by driving it), a month was easily used up. You could very easily spend a month there and 2 weeks going and 2 weeks coming. It's a huge state, so it takes a long time just getting from one point to another.
Summer is probably the best time to go, though once you get into the plains area, the mosquitoes can be tortuous.
I was cleaning calcium chloride (used for dust control) out for years after the trip, as an fyi.

John Mace
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