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2001 LXi headlight covering
10-13-2017, 01:58
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RE: 2001 LXi headlight covering

Find a sheet metal fabrication shop with the equipment capable of forming a sheet of aluminum into a cover. The profile doesn’t have to be a spot-on copy of the Lexan cover but a similar one that fits well at surrounding the light fixtures and matches up properly to the bumper and front facia. Since the OEM headlights on an LXi are not very good for night driving, it may also be a good opportunity to upgrade your headlights to a better HID type and design the new covers to fit properly around them.

Regarding your question about comparing the Prevost to an LXI, I’m pleased with the Marathon. But I really liked both LXi(s) that I owned. My reason for switching to a Prevost really had nothing to do with the quality of the LXi for they were both built well and were quality coaches. But, as you are now experiencing, there is no factory support or field service centers for parts, service and repair for a Wanderlodge. This has driven their market value down to extremely low levels and made the purchase of a Wanderlodge an absolute bargain for the person willing to deal with the difficulties of finding parts and keeping an orphaned coach repaired & maintained.

I need a coach that I can get experienced and knowledgeable service and repair done by someone other than myself. Prevost and Marathon provide nationwide service centers for all their coaches regardless of the coach’s age. Their service and repair costs are not cheap. I still do the minor repairs to my coach but after many years of doing most of the maintenance & repairs myself, I’m happy to let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Chuck & Tela Millsap
2003 Prevost Marathon XLII
2000 LXi #2 S/S (Sold)
2004 M380 D/S (Sold)
2000 LXi #1 N/S (Sold
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