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Engine preheat hose to the boiler
06-13-2018, 11:50 (This post was last modified: 06-20-2018 09:32 by Pat roys.)
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RE: Engine preheat hose to the boiler
I got under there again and have attached the pics of the hose in the aqua hot area.
The first pic is the engine supply hose (factory installed 5/8 goodyear highmiler)
The second is the engine return hose (factory installed 5/8 cheap standard hose)This is the one that is shot and I have spliced 3 times.
The third is were I spliced it above the aqua hot.
What is confusing is the fact that both of the hoses left the engine as the
premium highmiler hose. I wonder if Bluebird ran short on this hose during
original build ? After build it is totally inaccessible to be able to splice.
I have all of the records from the time of 1st owner and do not find anywhere
that somebody worked on this issue.
I will post pics of the shut off valves later.

Pat Roys
Hopkins Mi

İmage İmage İmage İmage Here are the pics of the engine shut off valves.
1st pic is factory original 1" shut off going to dash heat.
2nd pick is factory original 1" shut of going to dash heat.
I would assume that the 2nd pic of the hose coming out of the water pump
would be supply and the 1st would be return.
3rd and 4th pics are the two ball valves I had installed last year on vacation when the 5/8 hose kept blowing at the aqua hot.
I know they are not the greatest pictures of the new valves but I took them
laying under the bus and they are about 5 feet above you from that position.
It apears that BB used a premium gates green stripe II hose for the 1"

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