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Got some LTC40 Docs and Schematics Today
10-31-2013, 19:56 (This post was last modified: 10-31-2013 19:58 by davidbrady.)
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Got some LTC40 Docs and Schematics Today
I've been thinking about the cooling system on my LXi. I wanted to look at a few Prevosts to see how they handle cooling so I stopped by my local transit bus operator, Youngs Transportation here in Asheville NC.

I spoke with the shop foreman and during the course of conversation he said just recently he threw away a large stack of Blue Bird documentation. I said my Wanderlodge is based on the BB LTC40 touring bus and he said, "yeah, that's the documentation I tossed". He called his assistant and asked if she still had the docs, and guess what? She found them and she gave them to me!

It's mostly stuff we already have in electronic form, but it's really neat having the stuff in the Blue Bird provided binders. Some of it is new. One of the things I found intermingled with the LTC40 docs was the WLWB under radiator shrouding that I posted about earlier.

I thought it interesting that there should be a piece of WideBody documentation related to the under-radiator fan shrouding included in the LTC40 documentation, especially since the reason I went to Young's in the first place was to find out about how radiator fan air is exhausted out the engine compartment on a Prevost and how I might use that to improve air flow in my LXi.

david brady,
'02 Wanderlodge LXi 'Smokey' (Sold),
'04 Prevost H3 Vantare 'SpongeBob'

"I don't like being wrong, but I really hate being right"
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