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Random conversations from a campground
07-20-2014, 16:44
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Random conversations from a campground
Like most of you, I enjoy a good campground conversation and always find them interesting, illuminating and sometimes entertaining. We managed to get a chance to get the bus out over the fourth of July weekend and went to one of our favorite local parks, Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville, TX. We usually park in the adult only section, where there are usually lots of larger rigs.

As we pulled into our space, turns out we were parked next to one of Bluebird's long time competitor manufacturers. As it turned out, it was also a 91, so we had two classics parked side by side.

Since there were about three people trying to get the main awning down, complete with ladders up against the nice paint on the side of the coach, I asked if they "need any help? Nope, got it under control, thanks." So I went about hooking up. Since they were still working on the awning after I got hooked up, I gently inquired "if they had the Zip Dee instruction manual?" "Don't know, never looked, we'll get it." Okie dokie, well holler if you need another hand. A few hours later I admired the flapping of the big sag in one end of the awning when the wind kicked up. Didn't rip though. Retraction was equally entertaining, and time consuming.

Fast forward to a conversation on the mid door coach. "Yeah, we really like the entry door back in the middle of the coach. Don't have any of that wind noise up front that you get with a front entrance when you are driving down the road." Me: "So what did you have before this?" Answer: "Oh, this is our first one." Nope, didn't ask about how he knew about wind noise from the front entrance.

I asked about a shiny new part that was visible on the outer frame rail over the drive axle, since it was still aired way up. "Don't have any idea. Must be something the prior owner had put on."

Neighbor: "You know, this thing has got a Detroit Diesel in it. It's an 8V92 - a real diesel, 450 HP!" Me: "Yes, a good engine indeed. I have the same engine - 500HP." Neighbor: "Really? Didn't know they went that high. Boy, they sure get good fuel mileage. I get 8.5-9 mpg or better. Really good for 42,000 pounds." Me: WTH, Huh? No, restated that as "So you fill it up after each trip and check that?" Neighbor: "Oh god no. That thing's got a 280 gallon fuel tank. I imagine it would take over a $1,000 to fill it up. Besides, we've only had it a little while and taken a couple short weekend trips." Me thinking: Dang, I just gotta get one of those magic 9-10mpg buses.

Me: "So, do you use a fuel additive or lubricity agent to get that kind of mileage?" Neighbor: "No. Don't believe in fuel additives. I just put a few gallons in at the local store when we get ready to go out. Why would I want to add something." Me, walking off "Oh, I was just wondering, some people swear by them in these older engines with that new low lead fuel."

Also enjoyed the conversation with the new 45' owner that (proudly) did $14k of damage and 3 months to repair after cutting one of their very first right turn corners a tad short. They had just got it out of the shop, but were headed cross country in 2-3 days. Got a good supply of spare fuel filters? No. Do I need those? Where do they go? .... Nope, didn't ask why the front tires were almost off the ground either. Looked like a high speed take off profile!

Yup, got to enjoy a good campground conversation! Makes you really appreciate forums like this for do-it-yourselfers, or at least informed consumers.

Mike Bulriss
2001 LXi43 DS
San Antonio, TX
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07-20-2014, 18:42
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RE: Random conversations from a campground
photos are always a good thing to see

Ernie Ekberg
Prevost Liberty Classic XL
Weatherford, Tx
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07-20-2014, 20:19
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RE: Random conversations from a campground
Actual pictures wouldn't do stories like these justice.

And I certainly wasn't proud (I was MAD, DAMNED MAD -and still am!) when I cut a right turn too short. Fortunately, you kind of have to know exactly where to look to see any evidence of the incident, now.

I wonder if the 8V guy ever watches his water temp? That will be an expensive lesson to learn! Might make the $14k seem cheap!

John Mace
96 42 big bird
living in the wild hinterlands of the north
free to roam without the man getting me down
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