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Roof Leaks Fixed
09-20-2014, 11:43
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RE: Roof Leaks Fixed
Even that you don't do the repairs completely by yourself the research is invaluable to direction for repairs to be made. A member of my RV club just lost a fan blade and ate up a radiator last week. posting her experience made me check on the shape of the recently remounted fan blade to my tractor N-14 Cummins engine . all was good, and I attribute it to a former post on Mike B and Ernie's yahoo site where a tech guy explained that lock washers are not reusable. I always replace them with new. Posting a repair gives other members a chance to critique improve, warn, learn and add to the experience. When I pay my Mobil tech guy to come to my shop I always call it tuition.
The information on your post is most helpful in a pm project for my bus. I will add that the sealer on top should be uv protective, and the sealer around the clearance lights should not be sealed off completely at the bottom.
Law and judgement is far from objective,, why else would they call it practice. I do like that your background forces you to open and close with a disclaimer.
Remember, I'm the most challenged technically and mechanically knowledgeable person among 'bird owners. But, I'll tell you what I "think" I know and observed during the repair.
Bear in mind my account of the process is plagued with technical ignorance; my 50 years as a lawyer makes me an objective rather than subjective observer. Somebody else on this forum, including yourself would have a better technical observer than I.

Gregory O'Connor
2001 LXi43ss
Romoland California 92585
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