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Worth looking at?
08-29-2015, 02:15
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Worth looking at?
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08-29-2015, 12:47
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RE: Worth looking at?
Let me start by saying that I am not a FC or CAT3208 fan, but I did have a 1983 PT40 so I understand the vintage, so I'll give you some comments. Ralph F. would be the "go-to" guy on these rigs, but he doesn't post much any more. From the pictures, it certainly seems that someone has been a good steward during their ownership (given that most of these fine machines will outlast their owners). If you are looking for an FC this seems like a well priced and well loved unit. I would note that a comparable PT35, 36, or especially 38 or 40 will give you more living space (not having to crawl over the engine cover), larger storage bays and more overall carrying capacity.

Interior: Good - looks very well cared for, mostly correct for the vintage and tastefully updated. Other - It is hard to see for sure, but from the pictures, it appears that at least some of the ceiling rib bows have been screwed in. As a purist, I never cared for that approach to sagging ceiling rib bows, but over time those ceiling panels can sag and eventually cause those retaining rib bows to pop out of the retaining channel. Over time, they get really hard to snap back in and stay in. My solution was to buy all new ribs (PITA to reinstall as they have retaining screws at the ends and they run behind the overhead cabinets). Caution: make sure the ceiling panel sagging was not due to moisture issues. Only other comment: current placement of AV equipment reduces counter space.

Exterior: Good shape, good paint, not correct for vintage but certainly very presentable. Chrome appears to be in very good shape. Cruise air A/C versus roof airs is a very good thing in my opinion. Aluminum wheels look good. No way to tell about age or condition of rear tires, but the ad does mention new front tires/wheels. Check dates on all tires. Ask about brakes, transmission and rear checks and fluid changes.

Mechanicals: Who knows? Why was engine rebuilt? I assume he means 50k miles since rebuild, but what is total mileage on the rest of the rig? Check maintenance logs. Perkins is a workhorse, but how many hours on the genset? From the picture backgrounds, the owner may have access to heavy implement mechanics to help maintain the rig mechanicals properly.

General: 210HP is going to be slow. Don't be in any hurry to get anywhere. If you are not doing the maintenance, finding good people to work on the truly vintage rigs can be a challenge.

Bottom line: If I was looking for an FC, I would think this one merits a long call and probably a 'look see' and compare to the ones on Vintage Birds, Wanderlodge Trader, Buy Bye Birdie, etc.

FWIW and Good Luck!

Mike Bulriss
2001 LXi43 DS
San Antonio, TX
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08-29-2015, 15:29
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RE: Worth looking at?
20 grand seems to be the price for a turn key fc. condition and colors are what you shop for. here is the search I use. if you scroll down and tick mark the box net to more cities then click the blue button you get a larger list

Gregory O'Connor
2001 LXi43ss
Romoland California 92585
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