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New here... Aquired an 81 40' (fc40?)
04-14-2016, 16:53
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New here... Aquired an 81 40' (fc40?)
I love this thing! Its true...These birds will really get to you. Im never going home. I would appreciate a small bit of info if any one can help me here.... Where the blazes does the fridge plug in at. Or get ac power from? I turned off the shore power at main selector switch and when I turned the power back on the alarm for the fridge is chiming away. When I set the mode to ac its acting like its got no power (110v) going to it. Checked the breaker and its not tripped. Cycled it a couple of times any way. Still get the alarm from the fridge itself when mode is set to ac power. Thought id better check the receptical or wiring to the thing but dont know where it is. Its not outside at the lp section of it and Ive checked the upper and lower panels where it and the freezer lives. Is there a isolated circuit breaker maybe? 40 feet of "I wonder where that might be?" Having alot of fun with it but my beers getting warm... Any help would be very much appreciated. Trying to dl an owners manual currently but dont see anything pertaining to this issue thats any help. Great to be here... Please ignore any a.p.b's placed by my wife for just a little while longer. Just kidding...Not entirely though.[/font]
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04-14-2016, 21:38
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RE: New here... Aquired an 81 40' (fc40?)
Please tell us where the engine is, so we know if it's an FC or SP or PT. Does it have a tag axle?
Now on the fridge, you should have an outside access panel(a louvered cover) behind the area where the fridge is inside, if that makes any sense to you Huh. If you can remove it, check the electrical plug for power. If you have power, switch the fridge to lp. If it doesn't cool then, it may be DOAAngry
Do any other outlets work?

Steve Gureasko
90 WBSA "Jus Chillin"
Ponchatoula, La.
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04-15-2016, 16:24
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RE: New here... Aquired an 81 40' (fc40?)
If I remember correctly, that fridge is a 3 way power (DC, AC and LP)? I agree with Steve, check that outdoor panel, you should find the connections there, check for power and / or pilot light for LP.

Where is your engine (front or rear)? How many tires (6 or 8)? I thought the PT 40 didn't start production until 1982?


Mark Kitchens
Athens, TX
1995 WB42
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