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Basement Freezer
11-17-2018, 23:35
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Basement Freezer
I am planning on adding a basement freezer to my 2001 LXi
Does anyone have a suggestion as to the most dependable unit and the best slide.
Has the freezer been worth whiled for you that have installed it?
How do they operate on A/C? 12v? propane?
Is it worth getting one that operates on all three?



Urnie & Medie Krueger
Yorkville, IL

2001 LXi One Slide
1983 FC35 sold
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11-20-2018, 14:00
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RE: Basement Freezer
I've got a Norcold Tec II in my basement. It's been there since before I got my bird more than 10 years ago now.

I'm pretty sure it was not a factory install, or at least the slide it's on is not factory installed. I can't tell you the manufacturer of the slide, as I don't think it has any markings on it. It's simply a tray big enough for the fridge to sit in comfortably and has simple drop locks to hold it fully in.

I will say that I use it essentially from the time I start the bus throughout my trip until I get back home, and sometimes for several days after that. I don't ever shut it off and it has functioned perfectly for the time I've had it. I will certainly replace it if/when it fails. We've always got something to put in it.

It's a combo 110V/12V unit. I've never run it on 12V, as I've never hooked it up that way. I just turn an inverter on or run the genny. It might make electrical economy sense to run it off 12V, but I've never bothered to research the specs to figure that out. It just works. I can't say that it runs all that often. As big a power hog as most birds are, I'd think with a little frugality of opening it, it would do a good job by only running when you run the genny twice a day, say at Q; since you need to do that anyway for everything else. I don't think I'd worry about the propane side of things because of that.

John Mace
96 42 big bird
living in the wild hinterlands of the north
free to roam without the man getting me down
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