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Lifeline Batteries Sale
01-30-2020, 19:12
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Lifeline Batteries Sale
If you're in need of batteries, Trans-Specialist is having a Lifeline sale Feb 10-17. You can contact them either thru their website at or directly at Tom is a member here.

John Mace
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03-23-2020, 14:32
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RE: Lifeline Batteries Sale
Hopefully someone can advise me. On my last trip for the first time I experienced some auto start problems. While in the evening with a low load on the system the generator would run - stop - restart after being off about a minute.
I am back home and have been charging and testing the batteries one at a time- disconnecting all the cables on the batteries before testing and charging.

All the coach batteries seem to be in good condition. The generator battery had a loose cable - I cleaned and tested and recharged the battery and of course checked the connections.

On the last trip I tried to start the generator and it would not response. I than toggled the switch to tie in the generator battery and the generator started. I am sure this was because of the loose cable.

I have not had a chance to retest the auto start because the coach is in a heated storage building. From past experience the generator runs about 2 hours before setting off.

Does anyone know of anything else to test?

Each bank of batteries has what looks like a temperature sensor on the top of one battery. Both of these sensors are just setting there not attached. I will probably clean the area and put some silicone on the sensors to reattached.

What does this sensor affect? Could this be why the auto start does not work?

Thanks for any help or suggestions


Urnie & Medie Krueger
Yorkville, IL

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