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Autocorrect for Humanity - Arcticdude - 10-15-2014 18:32

Here's an interesting take on society by a younger artist. I wonder if there will be followers of what he thinks?


I'll admit that I do much of what he says currently, but only because I have to do some of it for my chosen career. As soon as I can retire, there will be a drastic slowdown and return to the basics of life for me. Hell, my current cellphone doesn't even work at the retirement house. It quits 10 miles out! And I'm looking forward to it!

RE: Autocorrect for Humanity - patticake - 10-15-2014 20:17

I agree with you, John. Maybe it's my generation(who were brought up before television).
To me and the boss, the phone is NOT the center of our lives, we often go out and leave the phone at home, or just shut it off. How many times, in a restaurant, do you see people on the phone, in some manner, ignoring the people(children) at the table? What is society coming to?

RE: Autocorrect for Humanity - davidbrady - 10-15-2014 20:57


I put my child's stuffed Teddy Bear in the mail to you today; this should help you in your quest for real life fluffiness! TongueTongueTongue He want's it back though! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

When I worked ridiculous hours in the hi-tech industry of Silicon Valley Ca, we referred to it as the need for "hi-touch". We had a tendency to OD on hi-tech; hence, the need for hi-touch. So we'd play soccer, volley ball, we'd have beer and burgers at our local watering holes. In essence, it's all about balance.

But... I understand completely the issue that Steve brings up. Cell phones promote the height of bad manners... a formal thank you has been replaced by an SMS text. A handcrafted letter has been replaced by a "like". God forbid we should lift our sorry heads to say hello to the checkout clerk! And, I've actually heard (although for the record I have not experienced this) of people texting during sex! (John, can you quit with the every-other-Sunday at 11:30pm texts)! LOL!