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Water in Fuel light - Urnie-Medie - 09-05-2018 13:58

The dash light on my 2001 LXi shows water in the fuel. I have drained the separator several times. A few questions.

1- Should the engine be running or off while draining? I have tried both ways.
2- How long should you let it drain?
3- The alarm for water in the fuel over the door does not go on - are these alarms connected or is one if the problem is more critical?
4- Is there a fuel additive that will remove the water?

Any other suggestions.



RE: Water in Fuel light - Gregg - 09-05-2018 14:47

There are additives. If it was me, I would immediately treat the tank. I think water can cause your injector tips to explode.

When was the last time you got fuel and where? New place or trusted place with lots of diesel traffic? Is the tank Full?

If you eliminate the source(fuel), then it may just be a sensor. Don't think it matters when you drain the water whether you are running or not, but you may not have the same system as me, I have a Racor on an 8V92. Don't know about the alarms?

When you say you have drained separator several times, is that with no miles in between or does the light go off and come back on?

Hope this helps.

RE: Water in Fuel light - Arcticdude - 09-05-2018 19:58

David will be able to confirm, but isn't the WIF light sensor in the bottom of the fuel tank? You drain a little from it and that should turn the light out.

RE: Water in Fuel light - patticake - 09-05-2018 20:31

John is correct on that. Sometimes there is something on the outside of the sensor that could cause that, or sensor may be bad. There is a drain cock near the sensor that you can use to drain off a little bit to see if there is water present. Use a clear jar and if water is present, it will be seen in the jar. BE VERY CAREFULL GETTING UNDER THE BUS.

RE: Water in Fuel light - Urnie-Medie - 09-05-2018 22:38

Several good points. I do try to watch where I get fuel. The light went off once for a hour or two - than back on.
I am getting older and harder to get under a vehicle - on the 2001LXi where about is the drain? towards the side or in the middle? is it a finger tight type valve like on the Racor?
Any suggestion on a brand of water treatment?

RE: Water in Fuel light - Gregg - 09-06-2018 08:44

There are lots of treatments, just make sure it says it's for Diesel. All the chain auto parts stores have them. I would treat the whole tank, so you may have to fill up. Also, I would have some spare filters on hand. The treatment may also remove some tank growth.

I have used this one in my boat for water.
Hope this helps

RE: Water in Fuel light - Urnie-Medie - 09-08-2018 21:53

Today I was able to spend some time checking this out. I drained a mason jar full of fuel from the separator and the fuel tank. Neither had any signs of water.
It may be like Steve said, a bad sensor.
I am adding additives just to make sure.
Thanks for the help.


RE: Water in Fuel light - Yesmar - 09-10-2018 08:44

My water in fuel light stays on all the time. I simply unplugged the sensor. Now water in fuel light out.

RE: Water in Fuel light - ernie ekberg - 09-10-2018 18:35

all of my birds had that issue one time or another. I almost did Richards' fix. Bluebird had too many lights and buzzers