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Autocorrect for Humanity
10-15-2014, 20:57 (This post was last modified: 10-15-2014 21:15 by davidbrady.)
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RE: Autocorrect for Humanity

I put my child's stuffed Teddy Bear in the mail to you today; this should help you in your quest for real life fluffiness! TongueTongueTongue He want's it back though! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

When I worked ridiculous hours in the hi-tech industry of Silicon Valley Ca, we referred to it as the need for "hi-touch". We had a tendency to OD on hi-tech; hence, the need for hi-touch. So we'd play soccer, volley ball, we'd have beer and burgers at our local watering holes. In essence, it's all about balance.

But... I understand completely the issue that Steve brings up. Cell phones promote the height of bad manners... a formal thank you has been replaced by an SMS text. A handcrafted letter has been replaced by a "like". God forbid we should lift our sorry heads to say hello to the checkout clerk! And, I've actually heard (although for the record I have not experienced this) of people texting during sex! (John, can you quit with the every-other-Sunday at 11:30pm texts)! LOL!

david brady,
'02 Wanderlodge LXi 'Smokey' (Sold),
'04 Prevost H3 Vantare 'SpongeBob'

"I don't like being wrong, but I really hate being right"
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