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Tales of the TOAD
03-10-2013, 21:30
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RE: Tales of the TOAD
:huh:We will be getting a new toad during the summer and will be selling our 2005 CRV when we return from our western trek starting very soon. Am considering the M&G braking system (which we have on our CRV and love) along with the M&G tow bar which can be a backable system depending on toad caster and other.
Very happy with our Blue Ox tow bar, etc., but intrigued by the M&G system.
Any feedback greatly appreciated.
Ed Nowokunski
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03-11-2013, 18:04
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RE: Tales of the TOAD
i have the m&g braking system on my 2008 crv. it works great. it is more of a peace of mind than anything and i know some states require it. my greater than 50k lb coach doesnt notice it if it isnt hooked up at all.

i also have the breakaway installed.

i do not have the m&g towbar.


2002 Two Slide Newell Coach 608 DD Series 60, Allison 6 speed
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03-12-2013, 13:45
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RE: Tales of the TOAD
I've been using an M&G braking system on our 99' CR-V since we replaced the motorcycle with an automobile. I love it. Basically because the only action that is required to put it into service or to take it out of service is disconnecting the "quick disconnect" in the grill of the CR-V.

I chose to add the "break away" feature which is a small air accumulator and an electric valve that is triggered by a break-away switch in the grill of the CR-V. I did the full installation myself. M&G said a few hours. It took me a good part of a day being as slow as I am.

On my coach BB had installed a quick disconnect on the back of the coach for use on air activated towed braking systems. For me it just meant connecting a hose from the back of the bus to the quick disconnect on the front of the CR-V.

A note of potential interest about the reported danger of teeing into the existing air brake air line (as BB did before their lawyers told them not to get involved.): There is no danger if done correctly. When I had my radiator replaced the garage neglected to replace the brake air line into the quick disconnect in the back of the BB. I ran like this for a couple of months until my wife reported hearing a noise when I applied my brakes when backing into a campsite. There was no apparent issues when I had that MAJOR air leak with the braking on the BB. I mention this because one of the options with the new M&G is an auxiliary air compressor type system tied into the coach for those people reluctant to put a tee into their air braking line. Do whatever you feel comfortable with (obviously.)

Eric and Suzie Perplies full timing since 04' in a 1996 PT-42.
A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. Lao Tzu
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03-13-2013, 01:53 (This post was last modified: 03-13-2013 01:54 by Itchintogo.)
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RE: Tales of the TOAD
Hey Eric glad to see you made the drive. Where about are you now? I did not see your signature line. I am going for more Schintzel soon at the Old Bavaria Haus we went to last summer! Join us if your near!

Gary 82 PT 35 6V92 BC (Sold)
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